Corporate Responsibility

Takeda is committed to act responsibly toward employees, patients, healthcare providers, the communities in which we live and work, and our environment.

Safety, quality and efficacy of our products and services are core considerations for the way we do our business. As a globally active company, we are aware of our corporate responsibilities and are working in line with internationally recognised social and environmental business standards.

We are strongly committed to our values, and we believe in our employees as a main source of our success and interact with them in a manner of trust and confidence. In addition, we place a high priority on creating an atmosphere of openness and mutuality in our business partnerships.

Takeda Canada works to fulfill its social responsibilities as a company committed to improving people’s lives by tackling issues confronting society and reporting on its activities in line with Canadian standards.



For Takeda, the basis of Corporate Social Responsibility is embodied in our corporate mission.  In short, we believe that our most important responsibility to society is in helping patients and healthcare professionals through our core business.

From another perspective, there would be no sustainability of our own if not for a sustainable healthy society. We have developed a deep awareness of this truth over our 230-year history. In particular, as our business becomes global, we realize that our role as a local corporate citizen has become more important than ever before.


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