Our Management Philosophy

The fundamental idea of our management policy is Takeda-ism, which aims at advancing business operations with integrity - meaning fairness, honesty, perseverance - and contributing to society.  

Takeda-ism is the management philosophy that has continuously guided the company throughout its more than 230 years of service. As such, our future business undertakings will never deviate from these core values.  

As a R&D-oriented player in the global pharmaceutical market, Takeda remains committed to fulfilling its management mission.  Intensifying competition in the global arena has made it increasingly important for us to thoroughly improve our own strengths, namely, "carefully thought-out strategic planning and actions from a long-term point of view" and "high productivity and efficiency."  

As a member of a business that is deeply involved in the lives of individuals, each and every one of us engages in business activities with a keen awareness of the need to act with the highest ethical standards and sense of mission in business activities, while at the same time striving to fulfill our social responsibilities as a good corporate citizen.  

Without being swayed by passing phenomena and the social climate of the time, we will enhance our corporate value by ensuring that any and all of our business activities are based firmly upon Takeda-ism, so that we may achieve high credibility with our stakeholders across the globe.


Takeda Pharma