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Takeda Responsibility is Takeda Canada’s corporate social responsibility program, and it represents the importance we place on our responsibility to our partners, communities and employees. We emphasize our commitment to Canadians through our financial and product donations, and our involvement in community projects.
Takeda Responsibility has a natural connection with organizations whose work improves people's lives through progress in medicine and health care. As we continue to evolve and innovate, our connection to the community is increasingly important. We strongly believe in finding meaningful ways to help patients through our core business and proudly support the communities where we live and work.
Takeda Responsibility supports initiatives in the following key areas:

Health Charities Support
Takeda Canada provides support to patient groups and registered charities whose work focuses in the following disease areas:

  • Cardiovascular/metabolic
  • Oncology
  • Gastroenterology
  • Rheumatology
  • Nephrology


Health and Science Education 
Takeda Responsibility provides funding to initiatives that engage people in health and science education. Past support has included:
Let’s Talk Science
Community Vitality
Takeda Responsibility supports organizations and events that promote health, well-being and quality of life such as:

  • The Canadian Red Cross - Providing monetary support for domestic and international disaster relief.
  • Canadian Blood Services - Coordinating regular employee blood drives.


Medical Education
Takeda Responsibility supports medical and scientific education in Canada by providing grants for educational or scientific advancement that align with company guidelines and the Code of Ethical Conduct of Innovative Medicines Canada (formerly Rx&D). For example, Takeda provides:

  • Sponsorship for healthcare professionals to attend a scientific conference or congress 
  • Support for associations or institutions conducting educational events


To submit an application for grants, sponsorships or charitable donations, please follow our online process.

 Click here to submit an application


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