Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

Young people are our most precious natural resource. Today, Boys and Girls Clubs of Canada are dedicated to ensuring that they are given every opportunity to develop their fullest potential, so that they can meet the challenges of leading and building this country in the 21st century.

Why we support the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada

At Takeda, it’s important to us that everything we do matters to somebody – this is why giving back to the community is essential. The selection of Boys & Girls Clubs as our charity of choice was part of a very deliberate process, where we sought to identify organizations that best aligned with our corporate culture and the personal values of our employees.

How we support them

Just like our charity selection process, our support of Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada is an active one. We believe giving back is just as valuable to us as it is to those who receive our support.  So, we get involved in a hands-on way, providing both financial and in-kind support. Takeda specially designed the INSPIRE program, to bring our core values of Teamwork, Commitment, Transparency, Innovation, Passion and Diversity to the Boys & Girls Clubs of Canada.

As part of the program, we developed the INSPIRE Awards, designed to provide funds for a local program that uses an innovative approach to solve a local issue.


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